Utica, NY (WIBX) - One-in-five working adults -- according to a new Rasummen poll -- describe themselves as poor. The report, which puts that figure at 20-percent, is a slight decrease from last year at the same time, when 22-percent classified themselves as working poor.

Officials say the survey results are still a significantly high number when compared to a 2009 poll that found only 9-percent of working adults thought they were poor. However, the report also found some positive figures that shows 61-percent of working Americans rank themselves as middle class, which is up since March.

Confidence among working adults also increased slightly, with pollsters finding that 38-percent of those polled, believe they will be earning more money a year from now -- a 5-percent jump from 2 months ago. Officials say 548 working adults were polled nationwide for these results.