Marcy, NY (WIBX) - For many it seemed as though the Olympics were everywhere.

With athletes, or "Tweethletes," conveying their every move and transmitting future memories, taking part in the action, it appeared as though you could not escape Olympic fever if you tried.

But did you end up watching more of the Olympics this year?  WIBX listeners were split, fifty percent saying that they did not watch more of the Olympics but another forty percent saying "yes," outright.  Another ten percent fell into the "other" category, some saying that they were not "glued" to the television but did watch more Olympic coverage than they did in years past.

NBC received some criticism for its coverage, much of it for delaying broadcasts of events that took place earlier in the day until prime time to get the highest number of viewers, but many felt that the increase in criticism was simply a by-product of the fact that more people were watching.

All in all the Olympics were deemed a "success" by most.