Marcy, NY (WIBX) - The City of Rome is assigning four police officers to community patrol beginning next week.

We asked WIBX listeners if they think that putting officers on foot patrol helps to deter crime. Everyone who responded said, "Yes."

On our Facebook page Jay Dubber commented, "Believe it or not, the most effective method of policing is (h)orseback patrols.  They are very effective when used for crowd control in that the officer can see over crowds and the crowds seem to respect the horses..."

We brought Mr. Dubber's suggestion to the Rome Police Department for a response. Detective Commander Timothy Bates responded, "We feel that the geography of Rome is better suited for bicycle/ATV/foot patrols as these types of patrols can be initiated quickly when needed.  Cost is another factor. Although there may be individuals who might consider donating a horse, the total yearly costs of housing, feeding, vet bills, etc. of the horses would not be cost effective for us."

WIBX will update you on the progress of the Rome Police Department's community policing initiative during its ninety-day trial period.