Seven candidates out of the original 21 have been selected by residents of the new Ilion-Mohawk Central School District's Board.

Winning candidates are listed from most votes to least. The top three will serve a three year term, with the next two serving two years and the last two people serving one year terms.

The winners are as listed:

Three Year Terms (Expire June 30, 2016):
William Lennox- Ilion (1087 votes)
Vicki Judd- Mohawk (862 votes)
Stephen Coupe- Ilion (850 votes)

Two Year Terms (Expire June 30, 2015):
Fred Schell- Mohawk (802 votes)
Daniel LaLonde- Ilion (760 votes)

One Year Terms (Expire June 30, 2014):
Matthew Shedd- Ilion (690 votes)
Walt Roginski- Mohawk (661 votes)

Robert Bronner narrowly missed election, falling only four votes shy of a seat on the Board, with 657.

Other candidates receiving votes are listed below:

Robert Bronner (657)
Deborah Schoff (535)
Bonnie Coffin (521)
James Vitale (507)
M. Bridget McKinley (503)
Thomas Goldin (465)
Jeffery Sperl (436)
Lori Sementilli (366)
Robert Berger (290)
Edward Jackson (243)
Hans Hendrick (235)
Jennifer Pedersen (209)
Melissa Reed (105)
Orlo Burch (99)

An Organizational Meeting of the new Board will be held tonight in the Jarvis Junior-Senior High School Auditorium, at 6:30.


Bill Keeler