If you've never been to Dark Dining, it's more than a fundraiser for the Central Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired; it's a way to raise awareness of what people who are blind deal with everyday.


On each table, there were vision simulators with different symptoms for you to put on.  From glaucoma and cataracts to total blindness.  You could enjoy the evening with or without the blindfold.  I went for the whole experience.  Not only did I eat in the dark, all the pictures I took of my food were in the dark too, which is why they are off centered a bit. Tadpole took the shots while I ate.  Eating without seeing your food is a strange experience.  My mouth enjoyed most of the things I put in it, but there were a few times I needed my water, fast.

Dark Dining was a sell-out at Yahnundasis Country Club for the first time.  The event also raised a record $75 thousand, before the silent auction.

Senator Joe Griffo served as Master of Ceremonies again this year.  We even caught him singing along with Guido Sarducci and Gary Scalzo during one of the contests.  Another contest saw Judge Ralph Eannace getting into the Christmas spirit.  Check out pictures and video of the event.