Utica, NY (WIBX) - Conservative candidate for Oneida County Executive, Rodger Potocki, is reacting negatively to the  county's 2012 budget presented by the man he's hoping to unseat in November, Anthony Picente, Jr.

Calling it an "offensive" and "fake budget," Potocki says Picente once again failed the people, by raising property taxes and leaving the sales tax at 8.75 percent--the highest in Upstate New York. In a released statement Potocki said, "Picente's annual need to raise taxes is even more offensive this year. He raids the so-called rainy day fund while at the same time instituting a new MVCC tax. This means that in actuality he does not live within the new 2% tax cap law. And, within $360 million dollars of spending, he plays Russian Roulette with our libraries, a most precious resource.

Potocki says he does not support the county executive's proposal to cut funding to libraries and other institutions and asserts that the only way to bring taxes, spending and priorities in line, is to vote Picente out of office. The race for Oneida County Executive will be decided on Tuesday, November 8th.