Not everybody watching Sunday night's Super Bowl game between the 49ers and the Ravens are actually into the game.

This is the only game of the year I can actually get my wife to watch and it's not just because she buys into an office pool.  It's also not just the snacks.  She, like millions of other non-football fans, watch tonight for the commercials.

For your convenience, here's my wife's list of commercials and the estimated time they're supposed to hit during the big game.

At 6:25, Jennifer Hudson will join the choir from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut to sing America the Beautiful.  Alicia Keys will follow with the National Anthem.

The coin toss is set for 6:28 (she actually bet on that).  Interestingly, the previous four Superbowl coin tosses have been heads; so, it's probably a good bet to call for tails.

The kick-off is set for 6:30 and then, for her, the commercials begin.

First Quarter commercials to look for:

Audi, Best Buy with Amy Pohler, Coca Cola (this one has some Arab American controversy), Doritos, Go Daddy (this is the perfect match commercial where a 'nerd' gets the kiss of his life), Calvin Klein.  Toyota and M & M will also be featured in the first quarter breaks.

Second Quarter Commercials:  Hyundai, Milk (with the Rock), Paramount with a 30 second preview of an upcoming Star Trek movie, Pepsi, Sketchers, Taco Bell, and Volkswagen.

The Halftime Show is Beyonce this year and she's riding her lip sync hype and expected to be reunited with Destiny's Child.

The second half will begin just after 8:30.  3rd Quarter Commercials include Century 21, E Trade, Gildan Active Wear, Go Daddy spot two, Jimmy Fallon in what is supposed to be a really cool 60-second commercial for Lincoln cars, a Mio commercial featuring Tracy Morgan, and Wonderful Pistachios which includes Gangnam style rapper PSY.

The Fourth Quarter will feature the first beer commercial, Beck's Beer, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Samsung with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan, Soda Stream International (this is supposed to be interesting) and finally, Tide.

My wife feels these are the commercials to look for.  She has no interest in the game.

We'll see and find out Monday which spots are your favorites.