Utica, NY (WIBX) - A member of the Utica Master Plan Steering Committee is speaking out against the plan.

Steering Committee member and Chairman of the Infrastructure and Waterfront Development Subcommittee Frank Montecalvo spoke to the Common Council about problems he sees with the highly-anticipated Master plan.

He says the current Master Plan is a plan to draw another plan in the future.

"That's not what a master plan should be. People should be able to pick up the Master Plan and actually see the vision. You can't see a vision in there. And, that was the big problem I had with this plan."

Montecalvo says the Master Plan is not sustainable.

"It claims to be neighborhood-based. It's not neighborhood-based because you can't go and look up a particular neighborhood and figure out what's planned for the neighborhood in the future."

He was the only one of the Steering Committee speaking to the council and says he has spent a lot of time looking at the plan and studying the city's previous Master Plans. He said the current Master Plan looks nothing like the old ones. "You can pick up the old plans and understand what they mean. This one, you can't understand what it mean."

Councilwoman and Majority Leader Lorraine Arcuri says Montecalvo brought the council another perspective.

"He's opened our eyes to thinking about some different things as we come to approach the Master Plan." She says the council has a series of meetings coming up in the near future to look at the Master Plan.

Montecalvo says he would like to see the Master Plan go back to the Steering Committee and address the issues he's brought up.