Utica, NY (WIBX) - The jury heard day six of the Christian M. Patterson trial today. Patterson took the stand in his own defense. He told the court that he was upset with then girlfriend, Shannon Secor. He said he was tired of her lies and frustrated that he could not fix their relationship.

During cross examination, the prosecutor showed that before the stand-off last June, that claimed the life of Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy, Kurt B. Wyman, Patterson told a friend he was planning on leaving Secor for good. Kaluza said, "During that call you said, I should of just left, I was waiting for the 4th of July vacation. I was going to Arizona for a week then call in to work for another week, stay up there, change things around, come home, sell my (expletive) and just go, I had it ready to go." To this, Patterson replied, "Correct."

Prosecutors also brought up the two fights or altercations Patterson was involved in since his incarceration, and accused him of using his crime--killing a police officer--as a tool to gain favor with other inmates. The jury also heard testimony from the doctors who treated Patterson, including his optometrist who testified about his poor vision and eye disease. The defense plans to call one more witness tomorrow before the case goes to the jury. Patterson is facing Aggravated Murder and an Assault charge. If convicted, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.