Two nights ago in the middle of another rain storm my wife and I grabbed a bite to eat at Primo Pizzeria in Ilion.  The streets were all closed...pouring rain and more flooding.  We sat with friends who stepped away from watching another 5 feet of water fill their back yard and basement in less than an hour.  An employee there watched the rain again and said he had just cleaned out his basement from last Friday and replaced his hot water heater.  His wife called and said the basement was flooded all over again and the new hot water heater was ruined.  AND, another couple came in and asked if we had caught the thief who stole my son's graduation cards and we explained we hadn't.  These people were living in a neighbor's garage because their home was destroyed on Friday night after water flooded their home and started an electrical fire.  They lost everything.  Since Saturday night I've been consumed with the violation of some punk coming onto our property and stealing from my son.  Even today, I can't get it out of my head and I won't until we catch this scum.  BUT-  as I look around the Valley, I'm pretty sure our problems pale in comparison to those who are fighting this historic disaster.  Sometimes it's important to put things in perspective.

-Bill Keeler