It wasn't that long ago that the City of Utica made a deal with Visions to purchase the historic Hotel Utica. Now, another major hotel in downtown Utica is on the market.

According to a commercial real estate website, Loopnet, the Radisson Hotel across from the state office building on Genesee Street is up for grabs. The price of the downtown staple is not disclosed on the website, but the listing was posted on July 17th, 2016. The hotel has 162 rooms, plenty of banquet space, restaurants, and even an indoor pool. Included with the hotel is the attached parking garage.

A call was made to the management of the Utica hotel. The General Manager responded by saying, "For the right price, isn't anything for sale?" Regardless of the status of the arrangement, the people who work there now, and in the past have always done a great job of being involved in helping the community.

This is the perfect location for any local event, and the perfect place to house visitors to the city for big weekends like The Boilermaker. If you're interested in owning a hotel, you can buy it right here in your hometown.