Ilion, NY (WIBX) - Remington Arms in Ilion was awarded a government contract worth $12-million. The announcement comes from Congressman Richard Hanna, who was instrumental in securing the Army contract for the gun maker.

The contract calls for the production of spare parts for a sniper rifle, (XM2010 Sniper Rifle) using design features created by Remington Arms, that allows the weapon operator to easily transport and configure it to match their physical needs. In a written statement, Hanna said, "It’s clear that Remington Arms is a leader in the industry when it comes to designing machinery for the battlefield." The congressman continued, "Remington plays a role in equipping our military men and women who serve on the front lines every day. It has earned and deserves this competitive contract and I’m pleased our talented workforce in Ilion will be fulfilling the needs of the United States Army.”

The Army contract is one of several projects Remington Arms is pursuing. The gun manufacturer is also looking to sell its product to foreign countries. Hanna recently toured the factory, praising the work undertaken by the company and its employees.