A Remsen driver allegedly crashed his car into a parked car, missed a man shoveling snow, then crashed into a building before being taken into custody by sheriff's deputies.

39-Year old Frederick J. Mulligan of Lincoln Avenue was driving his pickup truck on Main Street at around 3:40 Tuesday afternoon when, according to the Oneida County Sheriff's Office, he tried to turn onto Prospect Street.  Deputies say that Mulligan then lost control of his truck, partially because of his speed and the slippery road conditions.

Instead of stopping, though, Mulligan then allegedly sped up and crashed into a car parked in a driveway, almost hitting a man who was shoveling snow near the car.  Mulligan, still accelerating, then crashed into an apartment building, damaging a staircase and pillars supporting a second story porch.  The residents of the second story structure were temporarily trapped until they could be rescued through an adjoining apartment.

After hitting the apartments Mulligan is said to have accelerated again, missing a second building before coming to a stop.  An emergency responder went up to Mulligan's truck and reported seeing him inhaling fumes from an aerosol container.

Oneida County Sheriffs say the aerosol was "Duster," which Mulligan apparently admitted "huffing" because he was nervous after crashing his truck.

He was hospitalized under the Mental Health Law and ticketed for several traffic violations. More charges may be pending as the investigation continues.

New York State Police assisted at the scene.