Utica, NY (WIBX) - Vincent Hope of Utica, in many ways, was alone in the world with no biological family members to arrange his funeral when he died last week at the age of 71. Hope is a former homeless man who, at times, called the Rescue Mission of Utica home. "Last few years we were able to obtain independent living for him but he was disabled," said Rev. Bill Dodge, Executive Director of the Rescue Mission.

Hope was an 18-year client of the Mission and ate all his meals there. And, Dodge says although he had no family members to arrange his funeral, he will still get a proper burial. "We were his family, and that's what's important here. He has a family and we were it, and so we are having a memorial service for him today, and this is exactly why the Rescue Mission exists--to help people who don't have anybody else. And even in those times of difficulty, even right up to the end of life, we are able to help people and are there because we care," he said.

The memorial service honoring Hope's life is taking place this afternoon at 1:00, in the Mission's Chapel. The public is invited to attend. The Rescue Mission is located on 212 Rutger Street in Utica. To learn how you can help the Mission continue its work contact them at (315) 735-4037, or visit the group at. www.uticamission.org.