Utica, NY (WIBX) - One Utica Councilman would like to see the city comptroller pay what is owed for the Growest investigation.

A resolution, which was tabled last night at the regularly scheduled common council meeting, requested Comptroller Michael Cerminaro pay the bill rendered by Hage and Hage in connection with the Growest investigation.

The resolution states Cerminaro's continued refusal to pay the bill is arbitrary and is outside the scope of his duties as comptroller.

Councilman Jerome McKinsey says J.K. Hage performed the duty they asked him to do, and he should be paid for it.

"If you went into any court," McKinsey said, "and you contracted a service for any entity and performed the service you agreed upon, and then you decided not to pay, you'd lose everyday in court. Not only will we ultimately end up paying J.K. Hage what we agreed to pay him in the first place, it's going to cost us the litigation."

He says because of the service Hage performed, the city was able to reestablish itself as being able to receive CDBG funding.

McKinsey says the resolution should be brought up at the next scheduled meeting.