Just when Jets fans thought they were finally going to be able to see how someone else could handle the offense, Rex Ryan has decided to stick with Mark Sanchez as his starter this weekend against Jacksonville, according to the team's official site.

The announcement came Wednesday morning, just a few days after the coach benched Sanchez in favor or Greg McElroy in the second half against Arizona.

Not that McElroy did anything spectacular, but he did orchestrate a the game's lone touchdown - completing a one-yard TD pass in New York 7-6 win.

Let's be honest here, McElroy was 5 of 7 for 29 yards. He could of ran the ball into the end zone for a score but seemed for freeze for a second, then held the ball - seemingly for another 10 seconds - before finally tossing it to a Jeff Cumberland for the touchdown. Cumberland was open from the snap - but hey, he did get the score and the Jets did win.

Sanchez threw three interceptions to the Cardinals - in his defense at least one of them was an amazing, video-game-like grab from Patrick Peterson (Still not sure how he made that play). Sanchez now has 12 TD's and 13 INT's on the year, and a passer rating of 71.4 - placing him ahead of just two quarterbacks in the entire league; John Skelton and Matt Cassel.

Does he give the Jets the best chance to win?

I don't think so.

The fans and team have lost complete confidence in No. 6. Why not give McElroy a shot and see what he can do?

And, we haven't even mentioned Tim Tebow. I know he's been injured of late, but his achy ribs are a recent development. In other words, why did the Jets get Tebow if they were not going to use him, or give him a chance under center when the wings fell off.

I'm not saying Tebow is the answer, he isn't. And, maybe McElroy isn't either, but can you remember a time this year - excluding their blowout win in Week 1 - that the Jets fans have made so much noise. MetLife Stadium was rocking on Sunday as fans erupted simply because the offense on the field and Sanchez on the sideline.

The Jets front office needs to make several important decisions this offseason. In my opinion, this debacle of a season (not just the QB issue) will cost Rex Ryan his job and likely lead to Sanchez being dealt to another team where he'll serve as either a backup, or possibly a starter - but on a very bad team.