If you haven't seen New York Jets coach Rex Ryan lately it may be because he's a bit harder to find, considering he's no longer the fattest man on the sideline.

Yes, Ryan has lost a ton of weight..well actually, a little more than a 100 pounds so far, but he sure looks a heck of a lot thinner.

Ryan told the Huffington Post's Rachel Cohen the massive drop in poundage, from about 350 lbs to almost 240 lbs., was spurred by wanting to be healthier and live longer, and achieved with Lap-Band surgery.

He told Cohen in the interview that he would eat as many as 12 tacos in one sitting before, but now can settle for one. He's not necessarily eating 'healthy', but far less because the Lap-Band device helps make him feel full, sooner, he said.

UPDATE: Ryan has lost even more since this original posting, new photos below.