Utica, NY (WIBX) - A ribbon cutting ceremony officially marked the near completion of the Oneida Square Roundabout. City of Utica Mayor David Roefaro, flanked by other city officials, says the Roundabout serves many purposes. "This project was more than just a Roundabout project. This project had many different meanings to it. It is a Roundabout, it is for the flow of traffic, it serves many things--green initiatives and like i said, the icing on the cake is what we did for the Veterans," he said.

Roefaro says the project will make it easier for area Veterans to visit the Soldier's and Sailors Monument. He said, "You know, the very reason that we did this was for our Veterans and I'm so happy that we're here today on Veterans Day, being able to do this. You know, it gives them a place to call their own, because the monument before stood in the middle of a street that you could never access before." The mayor says the Roundabout project is 99-percent complete.