Utica, NY (WIBX) - Robert Blainey, the convicted sex offender found guilty of the rape and murder of Davis Motel owner, Linda Turner, has been sentenced to life in prison, without parole.

Blainey remained quiet as three people closely connected to Turner spoke, including her son, Scott Turner, who addressed Blainey as a "creature."

"This is a wasted life, and now, my mother has a wasted life," Turner said. "Everything is gone. Everything that she's had and worked for, and everything she ever would have is gone."

Turner's sister, Barbara Van Allen, said her sister "did not deserve the horror Blainey brought upon her," while one of her former employees and close friend, Elizabeth Hungerford, called him a "monster of a man."

Next, Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara spoke. He addressed Blainey's multiple crimes, including Turner's death, and his lack of remorse.

"Your Honor, you have an individual standing before you that we know has attempted to rape three individuals, including an eight year old, has raped three more and murdered one of them," McNamara said. "He has absolutely shown no remorse at any point in this investigation, in this courtroom, or even when he was interviewed by the probation department."

Judge Barry Donalty then spoke to Blainey, calling him "the coldest person he's ever had to deal with" and the "personification of evil."

An appeal will be filed for the case by Public Defender, Leland McCormac. It will be reviewed by an appellate attorney to see what issues could be appealed.