Utica, NY (WIBX) - Nearly $1.5 million of state funding will be used to continue developing Utica.

The money will support two separate projects. $450,000 will be used to continue developing Harbor Point, while $1 million will help support downtown green initiatives.

According to Mayor David Roefaro, the announcement comes in the wake of Governor Cuomo awarding more than $60 million dollars to the Mohawk Valley.

Roefaro says funding for Utica's projects is a vote of confidence from the state.

"I know that they're looking at us," Roefaro said. "I know that they like our initiatives and this is just evidence that they approve of it, and they've given us a million and a half dollars today towards these things."

Roefaro also says he will urge mayor-elect Rob Palmieri to move even faster on the Harbor Point Plan, and will act as a consultant for the new administration.