Utica, NY (WIBX) - Standing at the front of the crowded ballroom of Utica's Radisson Hotel, Mayor David Roefaro became emotional while addressing the many successes of his latest term as the city's Mayor.

Roefaro said that some of his greatest triumphs were his attempts to make the city safer.

"Every mayor who sits in the chair at City Hall faces a defining challenge," Roefaro said. "For me, it was crime. You asked me to lead our city to better days, and I have."

Roefaro addressed the Utica Police Department's accredidation, cutting edge 9-1-1 consolidation efforts and the revitalization of James Street. He also spoke about increased police safety, including implementation of the Gun Offender Registy Act.

"James Street used to be a bad word," Roefaro said. "Now crime is down a whopping 40% in that area. When the critics said a safety center wasn't needed, it was needed."

Among other successes that the mayor stressed were the opportunities that Utica had to move forward as a community and economic hub.

"Uptown, Oneida Square, Bleecker Street and North Utica's Harbor Point, that's where future sales tax money will be generated and then utilized by our citizens to lower their taxes, pave their streets and provide them with services," Roefaro said.

This morning's "State of the City" address also included the immediate implementation of the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. The office will attempt to bring film makers, producers and performing arts to Utica to increase the city's exposure and bring in much needed revenue.

"With convenient access to waterways, forests, the Adirondack Mountains, an airbase and much more, the City of Utica can provide a variety of beautiful settings for production," Roefaro said.

Roefaro ended his speech, saying that he will continue to stay involved in the community, and urging residents to continue believing in the future of Utica.