Utica, NY (WIBX) - From speeding, grafitti, potholes to litter ... those were just some of the questions youngsters at Notre Dame Elementary School in Utica posted to Mayor David Roefaro, who visited the 3rd graders to launch the "May I Hotline" campaign.

Roefaro told the students that the campaign, in its third year, has been successful and urged them to continue to call him, with help from their parents, on the "May I Hotline" to report a complaint, or even suggest ideas on how to tackle some of the problems they see in the city and in their neighborhoods.

Last year, according to the report from the mayor's office, "Over 220 people left messages on the "May I Hotline," over 420 people logged more serious issues with the Codes and DPW Department [and] of those almost 650 "May I" calls, everyone got a returned phone call." The mayor told the students about some of the calls and people he was able to help, recounting one complaint about a dilapidated house that was eventually torn down after neighbors called the hotline to complain. "And that's what it's all about, creating great neighborhoods for you to live in," Roefaro said.

Roeafaro said residents who call the hotline to report, potholes, litter, debris or even bad neighbors, will be fast tracked through the process, which includes working with the city's codes department and the Department of Public Works. "The May I Hotline explains what to do and residents just need to follow the directions," he said.

To add a request or to report a problem, contact the temporary hotline at (315) 269-3109. The hotline is open starting today, until May 1, 2011. To learn more, contact the Mayor's Office.