Utica, NY (WIBX) - Despite growing rumors that suggest otherwise, current Utica Mayor David Roefaro says he will not run for re-election.

"I just bought a new set of golf clubs and I'm shining 'em up. I'm going to enjoy my life," Roefaro told WIBX Monday afternoon. "I want to use those golf clubs."

Rumors have been swirling over the past week that Roefaro would change his mind again, and run for re-election.

The city's Democratic committee is meeting this evening to endorse a candidate for mayor, council president, common council seats and the Oneida County Board of Legislators' seats encompassing Utica, chairman Mitch Ford said.

Roefaro said his phone has been buzzing from people 'on both sides of the aisle' who want him to run again, he said. "It' very flattering," Roefaro said, but added he and his family made a decision not to run for re-election and didn't 'think' that decision was going to change.

"Can anything happen? Sure, anything can happen," Roefaro said. "But, I don't think that's going to happen."

Ford previously told WIBX that only two candidates had screened for the Democratic party's nomination for mayor, Robert Palmieri and council president William Morehouse.

However, Morehouse recently called-in to WIBX First Look to say he was withdrawing his name for consideration as a mayoral candidate and instead would seek to retain his seat as council president. 

Democrats will select between Morehouse and city councilman Jim Zecca as their candidate to run for the post.