Utica, NY (WIBX) - Mayor David Roefaro has said again and again that he would not seek another term in office, but on Saturday, Roefaro was one of four people to screen for the Independence Party's endorsement for mayor.

Speaking to WIBX on Sunday, Roefaro said he screened because he was asked to, and that it was 'flattering' to be asked.

Despite acknowledging that he screened before the committee, which is done for the purpose receiving an endorsement for a particular office, Roefaro said he was maintaining his 'position of not running.'

Roefaro, Robert Palmieri, Robert Cardillo and Michael Cerminaro all screened before members of the Independence party's state executive committee and other county chairpersons, according to Oneida County's Independence Party Chairman John Dote. When all potential candidates for office have appeared before the committee, the group will send its recommendations to the Oneida County executive committee for ratification, Dote said.

It was rumored that Roefaro, a Democrat, would re-enter the race and seek the endorsement of the city's Democratic committee last week. He did not and the committee is supporting Palmieri.

Cardillo is the endorsed GOP candidate. Cerminaro, the city comptroller, has said he would gather signatures in an effort to force a primary and win the Republican line for the general election.

Ex-mayor Tim Julian was the lone candidate to screen for the Independence Party line for council president, Dote said. Julian already has GOP support as he looks to unseat Democrat William Morehouse.