A Rome girl is undergoing post-exposure rabies treatment after being bitten by a suspected rabid animal.

Ken Fanelli, with the Oneida County Health Department, says the young girl was outside with her dog when she was attacked. Her dog chased the animal off, but was also bitten.

"Because it was dark and the animal was not recovered, positive identification could not be made," Fanelli said. "But, based on its aggressive behavior, Health Department personnel believe it to be a raccoon or fox, possibly infected with the rabies virus."

She is currently being treated for rabies as a precaution and the dog was given a booster shot.

Fanelli says with warmer weather, contact with wild animals is more prevalent.

He suggests people use caution when approached by strange or aggressive animals, and to never leave possible food sources outside. Pets should also be on leashes and never left alone.

Oneida County is offering a series of rabies clinics throughout the area this summer. For a list of clinics and for more information, click here.