City of Rome, NY (WIBX) - For the second year in a row, the City of Rome moved to keep the Sergeant A. Uvanni Municipal Pool closed for the summer. Mayor Joseph R. Fusco, Jr.,  explains that there were two main reasons behind the decision. He said, "One is budget constrains and the other is usage. My administration, being new, is looking at how and where are the best places to put our assets and what little funding we have. And, since we have four other pools throughout the city, we'll be monitoring this to see if we can continue down this road, if we can keep municipal pool closed and put the money into some of the other programs that affect, you know, how many kids they affect is an important aspect with what we want to do with our funds."

Fusco says if there is a need, the city will consider using a shuttle bus to take older youths to other pools in the city, however that option was not needed last year when the city first moved to close Sergeant A. Uvanni Municipal Pool. "We got through last year without any problems," he said.

Keeping the pool closed will safe the city's Parks and Recreation Department about $30,000.00 Fusco says. "It will be utilized trying to direct our resources to where they're most needed in the recreation department," he said. He says so far he's only received one phone call about the closing.