The Rome City School District Board is set to vote tonight on a contract extension for Superintendent Jeff Simons, but the the process and contract are drawing criticism from the district's teacher's union.

Christina Steurry's, the vice president of the Teacher's Association in Rome, joined First News with Keeler in the Morning ahead of the vote to outline some of their complaints.

Among them, when a district says the district's financial situation is 'dire' and has to layoff teachers in its recently passed budget, Steurry's says the superintendent should set the example.

WIBX has been told tonight's vote will include a decision on a contract extension for Simons that comes with a 2% raise and tuition reimbursement for Simons.

Steurry's also says she's been told the board won't allow public comments at tonight's meeting.

''Historically there's public comment, even if it's a special board meeting. You may not want to hear what people say, if you have a history and a track record of allowing public comment - and we appreciate that - you don't stop that now over a very controversial issue.''

Steurry's interview on WIBX: