Billionaire philanthropist and Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano has confirmed that he is at least partially interested in buying the Buffalo Bills. out of Buffalo is reporting that Golisano addressed the Bills situation at Bishop Kearney High School Thursday while he was accepting an award.

He said hes waiting for financial information on the team to be released before he makes any moves, but he says if he does buy the team, he plans on keeping it in Buffalo.

"The important thing is that someone buys (the team) and keeps it in western New York," he said. "Do I feel it has to be me? No, I'm not possessed about owning the Buffalo Bills, just as I wasn't possessed about owning the Buffalo Sabres. They were in danger of leaving, too. In fact they were a lot closer to leaving than the Bills are. I got involved because I wanted to keep that entity in western New York, and I want to keep the Buffalo Bills in western New York."

He did indicate that price was a factor, saying that the reported $2 billion price tag for the L.A. Clippers of the NBA, "seems absurd."