It's far more common than ever before; but, one school still isn't comfortable enough with teen pregnancy that they're willing to include a mother-child photo in the yearbook.

Wheatmore High School in North Carolina has banned a photo from its yearbook of 17-year-old Caitlin Tiller holding her baby son.

Teachers refused to print it over worries the image would send the wrong message to other students. This was despite the fact that staff asked students to bring items that would make their photos more personal, holding something that is personal to them.

Tiller, who gave birth to Leland in April of her junior year, says her baby inspired her to graduate early and go on to college. However, when she found out the school disapproved, Tiller opted to have her space in the yearbook run blank rather than have a photo without her son.

You have to wonder if maybe the school could have avoided the whole issue had they not asked for creative photos that depict the graduate holding something that 'makes them who they are.'