In a personal phone call to FEMA's administrator, Senator Charles Schumer asked that FEMA quickly recommend a disaster declaration be submitted to the White House for approval.

With a Federal Disaster Declared for the counties in New York State affected by flooding, emergency crews and equipment can be dispatched to affected areas. These areas include Herkimer, Oneida, Madison, and Montgomery Counties.

Schumer told FEMA that New York State can't shoulder the burden of rebuilding homes and infrastructure without federal help and every day of delay is another day New Yorkers have to wait to rebuild.

As the federal agency with jurisdiction over disasters, FEMA must recommend to the White House that the request be approved or denied. Senator Schumer argued that after touring the flood damage himself last week the criteria for a federal disaster have been met and any further delay in approving New York State's request is setting back New Yorkers who want to start rebuilding.

At the height of the flooding, more than 13,000 residents were without power including the entire Village of Mohawk, and many are still without hot water.