Albany, NY (WIBX) - Republican state Senator Jim Seward is calling Governor Cuomo's budget proposal 'harsh, but neccessary.' Seward added that he believes this plan would put New York back on track financially.

“Over the last two years, Albany went on an out of control spending spree, hiking taxes and misusing federal stimulus funds to fuel the binge. I voted no on each and every budget bill over that time period because of the recklessness. Now the bill is due and we have to pay it without increasing spending and taxes," Seward said.

“State government must do just what families have been doing for some time: cut back and consolidate. The governor recommends merging state agencies and cutting state operations spending by ten percent. He also calls for serious cuts to the state’s Medicaid program which spends an unsustainable $1 billion a week. I am ready to work him on these and other cost cutting initiatives," Seward said.

Republican Senator Joseph Griffo told WIBX he was impressed to Cuomo eliminate this year's $10 billion deficit without borrowing or increasing taxes.

Regarding the reception of the budget message from lawmakers, Griffo said "We have deal with these (fiscal) challenges, we cannot just pretend they're going to go away."

Cuomo has been discussing the possible closure or consolidation of correctional/detention facilities. Griffo said he hopes if that happens, the process is similar to the military's BRACC process, which is objective and fair to the affected communities.

"My concern is that we don't change the philosophy in order to downsize and, as a result, get easier on crime and put people on the streets, then have excess capacity. (Cuomo) indicated that wasn't going to be the case, but I need to be assured of that," Griffo said.

Democratic Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito has released a statement on the budget.

"I agree with the direction that Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking in addressing New York's structural deficits, reforming our state operations and building efficiencies in our governmental services. I am looking forward to working with him to enact a state budget that is balanced and on time. At this point, I am reviewing the Governor's Executive Budget proposal to understand its financial impact upon working families of the Mohawk Valley.

"New York State has a projected $10 billion budget that must be closed. I will be meeting with my local constituents to hear what they have to say about this fiscal plan. I recognize that we will need to make the difficult choices in order to keep our local property taxes under control and put our state back on the path to economic growth," Destito said.