How much would you pay for a shirt that stays clean, wrinkle free and doesn't smell for at least 100 days without a single wash?  Surprisingly, the shirt exists and it's called the Wool and Prince No Wash Shirt and the prototype is shown on where the makers are looking for investment money to kickstart their miracle product line.  So far, they've already raised more than $160,000 and the donations are still coming in.

Wool and Prince claims their shirts are soft and believe it or not, wrinkle free!  The magic behind the concept is wool.  Reps from Wool and Prince say wool naturally fights wrinkles and odor and their new shirt will change the way people feel about wool.

It's all a concept with prototypes right now; but, if the money keeps coming into kickstart, the product may soon be on store shelves for everybody to enjoy.


Wool&Prince no-wash shirt Kickstarter. The project is seeking funding for a shirt that claims never to need washing or ironing, and won’t stink even after you’ve worn it 100 times.

The team states it spent six months developing a new wool-based material that not only avoids smelling grody, but doesn’t get wrinkles, cutting out the tedious act of never knowing how to iron even though you do it all the time but trying to anyway. Team member Mac Bishop set out to prove the team’s shirt could stand up to the challenges of sweat, secondhand smoke, weather, and whatever else makes you look forward to getting out of your clothes at the end of a long day. He wore the shirt for 100 days straight, and documented the entire process.