Utica, NY (WIBX) - South Uticans had a chance to voice their codes complaints to city officials last night, residents turned out to hear from members of the Utica city codes department as well  as from City Judge Ralph Eannace, who's trying a different approach to handling  codes violations this year.

Of the 24,000 cases handles each year, 1,200 are codes related violations. "What I've done this year is to pull those out and have one session on Monday afternoons to deal strictly with codes issues so that we can focus our efforts and make sure we are dealing with the problem, make sure we resolving the cases quickly and effectively", Judge Eannace said.

Uncut grass, unkempt yards and piled up trash were all topics talked about. Third District Councilor Rocco Giruzzi says in his his six years as councilor, 90% of calls he receives are codes complaints.