The Southern Tier Brewing Company will have two beers featured at "Utica On Tap," March 22nd at the Stanley Theatre from 12-3. With unlimited sampling at one great price, you won't want to pass up the two brews Southern Tier has to offer. I had the privilege of speaking with Dustin Hazer. He is the Head Brewer at Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, NY.

Here Is My Full Interview with Head Brewer Dustin Hazer:

The Southern Tier Brewing Company was founded back in 2002 and had their grand opening in 2003. Over the last 10 years they have seen considerable growth. In 2012 they were ranked as the 35th largest brewery in the country with 62,000 barrels of product. Last year they produced over 90,000 barrels. Southern Tier has approximately 42 brands, some seasonal, and they plan on introducing 9 more this year. You can find Southern Tier beer in 36 different states and 7 countries.

As I said before, Southern Tier will have 2 beers at the "Utica On Tap" event. We will be featuring their IPA (India Pale Ale) and their 2X Stout.

Let me break down the two beers for you.

Southern Tier IPA

This IPA is one of the four original beers made by Southern Tier. Back when they first made this beer, most people considered it aggressively hoppy. During my interview with Dustin Hazer, head brewer, he told me

That brand [IPA] has been solidly consistent across the board and it's just interesting to see people's perception of it kind of change.[/pullquotes] What he means by this is 10 to 11 years ago some people would have considered it aggressively hoppy and even though the recipe hasn't changed, people's pallets may have. Now their IPA can be considered "malty and balanced." I have had this particular beer several times and I will not hesitate to say this is a must try! If you think you've tried all the best IPAs and haven't tried this IPA, you'll need to make that a priority.

Southern Tier 2X Stout

This 2X Stout is a double milk stout. This beer contains lactose sugar which is what makes it a milk stout by definition. This stout is really nice and has a residual sweetness to its finish. This beer, like other stouts, have traditional hints of coffee and chocolate. The flavor has a "roasty" flavor, according to Hazer. What makes this double stout unique is the little extra sweetness which makes for a smooth finish. I have not had the opportunity to try it, but am definitely looking forward to trying it myself.