Onondaga County, NY (WIBX) - The SPCA is investigating the mysterious deaths of nearly 30 Alpacas in the Town of Onondaga since last June. Executive Director for the animal group, Paul Morgan, says they're waiting on toxicology reports from Cornell University to determine cause of death.

He said, "We have interviewed a few people that possible could be involved and we also spoke to the complainant, and stuff like that, and it's under investigation and hopefully we'll have some results soon."

He says there could a number of reasons why someone would poison an animal. "If they are being poisoned by a person from the outside and they're intentionally harming these animals, it could be a number of reasons. They could have some issues with the person who owns the animals, anything is possible," he said. Either way, he adds that if it is determined that the animals were poisoned, the perpetrator is looking at a misdemeanor charge that comes with a year in prison and,or a $1,000 fine.