Utica, NY (WIBX) - Helen Savicki is 93 years old and legally blind, but she is doing miraculous things for premature and sick infants- all from Barton North at the Saint Luke's Home in New Hartford.

Since 1997, Savicki has made approximately 800 blankets for the "Threads of Love" program and says her recent move to the long-term care facility has not deterred her work.

Each blanket is 18 by 18 inches and made by hand, using yarn pulled from a red bag adorned with family photos.

She says every piece of yarn is important and even scraps can be turned into something great.

"If you have odd yarn, make use of it," Savicki said. "You know, do something. It doesn't have to be for premature babies, it can be for your own baby or somebody next door. Don't just throw the stuff away; make something."

"Threads of Love" has provided  infants and their families with handmade items since 1993.