A listener-generated comment about the NY SAFE Act prompted our most recent query to New York State Police about the ability to opt-out of public disclosure of information relating to pistol permit owners in the state.

"Lola" contacted us and asked WIBX to clarify apparent qualifications for opting out of the disclosure.  She indicated that the form requires that an applicant be a member of a certain group in order to successfully "opt out." Qualifying groups may include law enforcement, retired law enforcement, or those affected by domestic violence.

In response, law enforcement authorities responsible for answering questions about the New York SAFE Act say they have been advising callers who do not necessarily fit into the first three categories, but are worried about the potential for public harassment simply by being identified as gun owners, to check the fourth or fifth boxes on the form:

NYS Firearms License Request for Public Records Exemption

The fifth option is the prerequisite "other" category and law enforcement authorities say that the spirit of the opt-out provision is to indeed provide relief for those citizens who simply feel uncomfortable about disclosure.  More questions will follow as the May 15, 2013 deadline for opting out approaches.  Those with questions should call the hotline: (855) LAW-GUNS.  Note that the hotline has been established temporarily to deal with the influx of questions expected since the bill's recent passage.

In the meantime, listeners who experience problems with the procedure are invited to contact us at: news@wibx950.com.