What happens when you mix Donald Sterling's racially-tinged remarks with a sanction by National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver?  Gold.  Pure Marketing Gold.

At least that is what the NBA and one apparel-maker think.

Adidas is teaming up with the NBA to sell shirts with the phrase "We Are One."

The slogan had appeared on the website and Facebook page of the Los Angeles Clippers last week after owner Donald Sterling was banned for life from the league after making racist remarks against African Americans.  The comments were secretly recorded by his girlfriend V. Stiviano and subsequently released to the public.

Trend watchers are banking on the marketing success of the new campaign.  There has been no shortage of comments to counteract those made by Sterling, as the Los Angeles Clippers are quickly becoming the Los Angeles Quippers.

Here is the Tweet that launched the #WeAreOne campaign by the Clippers on April 29, 2014: