Mollie Wertheim is turning one hundred years old, but age isn't slowing her down one bit.

A birthday party was held in the SUNYIT Student Center for Wertheim, who has worked in admissions for more than 37 years.

Since joining SUNYIT on April 29, 1976, she has become a recognizable face on campus and worked with thousands of students, faculty members and other staff.

She says being able to see her co-workers each day is a pleasure.

"Everybody here is just wonderful," Wertheim said. "[The] people that have worked here and retired and everybody I work with, I see them all practically every day. Everybody is just wonderful."

Gino Geruntino, WIBX

SUNYIT President Wolf Yeigh, who was on hand during Monday's celebration, says Wertheim has been vital in the school's growth and has worked with thousands of students.

"She has been able to literally touch every student, whether they interact with her on a personal level or she processed their admissions application," Yeigh said. "The thing is, through the time that she's been here, everybody in this room and the ones who weren't able to make it... she has really interacted and touched all these people. We have former presidents of this campus here, we have former staff who have retired, but they value that connection with Mollie."

Wertheim has received several honors including her own parking space for her 99th birthday and the creation of the Mollie Wertheim Award for Outstanding Recruitment.

"It was just wonderful," Wertheim said. "It was really a surprise."

Since she's been here, the college has gone through massive changes, but still holds the same meaning it held nearly four decades ago. Still, she has no plans to retire.

"I just love everybody at the college and I'm very thankful that I was able to be working here."