Football and Sundays go Monday nights, too. But, Saturday? For the Super Bowl?

The NFL does routinely air playoff games on Saturday (in the first two rounds) but that is solely for the purpose of fitting all games on television without making the audience flip back and forth. It especially helps with ratings.

At this point it's not something the NFL is considering as a permanent option, but SportsBusiness Journal reports the league's contingency plans for an outdoor Super Bowl in New York next year include delaying the 'Big Game' or holding it a day early, on Saturday:

“We have to look at all the angles: storm arriving day-of-game, storm arriving prior to game, storm arriving after game,” one source said.

The contingency plan to move up the Super Bowl, also includes plans to delay the game several days in the case of a storm or emergency.

But it begs the question...Would fans be better served, and would there be a bigger audience, if the 'Big Game' were played on a Saturday?

With all the eats and drinks prepared and consumed for the Super Bowl, you would prefer to have the game played on Saturday so you wouldn't need to worry about work on Monday?

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