Wanna Live Longer? Drink Coffee
Coffee drinkers no longer need to fret over health concerns and their beloved beverage, according to a new study by the National Cancer Institute. In fact, feel free to pour an extra cup in the morning because, the study suggests, coffee may actually prolong life.
Hey Ladies, Fight Cancer by Drinking Coffee — Health Check
If you’re one of those women people tease because you’re never seen without a Starbucks cup in your hand, you may actually be bettering your health. All that coffee might be warding off cancer.
Researchers at Harvard University who followed the medical records of more than 67,000 women over a 26-year…
The Best Coffee In Utica-Our Top 5
I like coffee—maybe a little too much. But for me, coffee is more than just a stimulating morning routine. It’s also social connector, a catalyst for good conversation with good friends. To me, coffee is as much about the experience as it is the flavor. With that in mind, here …