kurt wyman

Patterson Trial Ends With Guilty Verdict
Utica, NY (WIBX) - Christian Patterson was found guilty on all charges related to the stand-off in the Town of Augusta last June, that led to the death of Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy, Kurt B. Wyman.
Accused Cop Killer Assulted in Oneida County Jail
Oriskany, NY (WIBX) - It was back to the hospital for accused cop-killer Christian Patterson. According to Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol, Patterson was assaulted while in custody; the Knoxville man is accused of killing Oneida County Deputy Sheriff Kurt Wyman last June...
Wyman Laid To Rest At Arlington National Cemetery
Washington, DC (WIBX) - Oneida County sheriff's deputy Kurt Wyman was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery today.The deputy was killed during a standoff in the Town of Augusta on June 7th.Wyman left behind a wife and two children.
The man accused of shooting and killing Wyman, Christian P…

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