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Lockheed Martin Plans Job Cuts
Lockheed Martin is offering voluntary layoffs to workers throughout the system, including in Owego, before it puts out pink slips to meet its staff reduction target.
Lockheed Martin Acquires Sikorsky Aircraft
Lockheed Martin is now an even larger force in the global market for military aircraft.
The company, that operates a plant in Owego, yesterday announced its deal to acquire Sikorsky Aircraft is complete.
Under the $9 billion acquisition, Sikorsky Aircraft is being re-branded as “Sikorsky, a Lock…
Lockheed Martin to Buy Sikorsky in $9B Deal
Lockheed Martin, Tioga County's biggest employer, has announced it intends to acquire Sikorsky Aircraft for $9 billion in cash.
Lockheed has competed for business with Sikorsky and worked with the Connecticut-based company on many military helicopter programs for years...