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Marlins Get Stanton On The Cheap?
This is the biggest contract, in terms of total dollars, in the history of Major League Baseball. But, here's why I think the Miami Marlins are bargain shoppers when it comes to Giancarlo Stanton.
NL East Preview For April 29 – May 5
In honor of it being the end of the semester and with my final graduate school papers taking advantage of what’s left of the spare time, this week’s NL East Preview will take the form of a nice series of limericks regarding each team...
NL East Preview For The Week Of April 22-28
Once again, the week has proven to be a topsy-turvy endeavor for all five teams, including a remarkable three loss streak for Atlanta, a rousing first season of the “John Buck Show” in New York, and, once again, a resoundingly inept performance for the Miami Marlins.

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