Why Are More Unmarried Couples Having Kids?
Teen pregnancy rates may have reached an all-time low, but the number of kids born to unmarried, cohabitating parents is up.
In fact, according to data from National Center for Health Statistics, more than two in every 10 babies in the US is born to such a couple.
Watch How Music Brings a Man Suffering From Dementia to Life
Music can have a profound effect on all of us. It triggers memories, elevates our mood, makes us angry and helps us learn. It can also bring us out from the dark shell of a weakened and aging mind. That’s certainly the effect music has had for this man who suffers from dementia broug…
Do Clothes Affect How We Think and Behave?
In an episode of the ‘The Simpsons,’ quiet kids in gray uniforms suddenly become more lively and animated when rain washes away the gray and reveals the color underneath. It made a researcher at Northwestern University wonder — does what we wear affect our personalities?
What Are the Happiest Jobs in America?
When you’re considering accepting a job, wouldn’t it be nice to know if the people who already hold similar positions are happy doing them? If so, you may find a new survey particularly interesting.
Baby Naming Regret Is On The Rise
It’s one thing when Gwyneth Paltrow names her child Apple, or M.I.A names her’s Ikhyd. Those celebrities have the resources to deal with the problems that can arise when a child is given an odd name. However, experts are increasingly seeing ‘naming reg…

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