Keeler Show Notes for Friday, Sept. 20th
Today is Friday, September 20th, 2013
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Russell Crowe Thinks He Spotted a UFO
If you're not one of Russell Crowe's 825,000 followers on Twitter, maybe you should be. That way you can see a real-time play-by-play of how this whole UFO spotted outside of his office thing plays out.
Did UFOs Appear Over Brooklyn and San Francisco?
We're already convinced that aliens exist, so it's not like we need any further proof. But these clips of identical UFOs hovering in the sky over Brooklyn and San Francisco blew us away. All hail our alien overlords! (The videos are a bit NSFW, by the way, due to some UFO-inspired pot…
Do you believe in UFOs?
Marcy, NY (WIBX) - On the eve of launching its new television series, "Chasing UFOs," National Geographic is releasing a study that says that 80-million Americans believe in UFOs.