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Gina Haspel Confirmed As New CIA Director
Veteran spy Gina Haspel will become the first female director of the CIA after six Democrats joined Republicans in a Senate confirmation vote on Thursday that overrode concerns about her role in the spy agency's harsh interrogation program after 9/11.
Roles Reduced, Kushner And Ivanka Trump’s Fate Uncertain
They spent their first year in Washington as an untouchable White House power couple, commanding expansive portfolios, outlasting rivals and enjoying unmatched access to the president. But Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have undergone a swift and stunning reckoning of late, their powers restricted, …
Why The Women’s March on Washington Mattered
The numbers were too great to ignore and I was one of them. The Women's March on Washington happened on President Donald Trump's first day in office on January 21st. Here's a look into my personal experience participating in the march and a few reasons why this march has empowered and…

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