Albany, NY (WIBX) - All of the Video Lottery Terminal money that has been going to local governments would eliminated in Governor Cuomo's budget proposal. Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney says she commends the governor for reducing the cost of state government but believes that aid should be restored.

Oneida County, the town of Vernon, and the village of Vernon receive over $765,000 combined each year, they're portion of the tax revenue collected by the state from Vernon Downs. (county- $293,000, town- $300,000, town- $174,000)

However, Tenney says there is some good news. The Senate's budget would restore some of that funding to local municipalities. She is pushing lawmakers in the Assembly to also restore the aid.

Under the Senate's plan, the town of Vernon would get $149,000, the village would see about $88,000 and Oneida County would see about $165,000, Tenney said.