A possible six percent cut in the Medicaid budget could spell doom for up to 70 of New York State's Arc agencies and other non-profits.

Aida Mariani works for the Arc of Oneida and Lewis Counties. She says possible cuts coming from Governor Andrew Cuomo's office could affect more than 2,000 people served by the two counties.

But, she says it doesn't just effect the people The Arc serves.

"Restaurants, grocery stores that our individuals shop at and our staff shop at, restaurants that they go to eat, banks where we do our banking," Mariani said. "It's certainly going to have a huge ripple effect on not just the community, but the entire state."

Mariani noted that during the past two years, agencies like The Arc have dealt with nearly $350 million in cuts, causing reduced or canceled services and staff reductions across the state. The latest proposal, worth another $120 million will be decided by April 1st.

The Arc is urging policy makers to reconsider the cuts by taking advantage of other sources of revenue, including money brought in from allowed State and Federal agreements.

To get involved, click here and follow the "Call to Action" link or call the Oneida-Lewis Chapter of The Arc at (315) 272-1529.