For a mere two million dollars you might be able to have a piece of the action.

The 1977 World Series was the 83rd such contest for Major League Baseball but it marked heroic firsts for many of those involved.

The New York Yankees played the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The series win marked George Steinbrenner's first as owner of the Bronx Bombers, Billy Martin's first (and last) title as Yankees' manager, and a historic time for Yankees number 44, Reggie Jackson, who was crowned "Mister October" for his performance during the games.

Now part of that history is up for sale.  Reggie Jackson is selling the home jersey he was wearing when he earned the nickname "Mr. October," hitting a home run a piece in Games Four and Five and then three home runs during Game Six.

California-based SCP Auctions opens bidding today.

And, as an added bonus, Jackson says he will autograph the jersey for no additional charge if the buyer wants.